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It’s no secret that successful online courses are a great way to increase your revenue. If you have expertise in almost any industry you can monetise that through educational products. If you’ve looked into this you may think it’s really easy to do. After all that’s what the marketing suggests, right?

All it takes is half a day’s research into any topic, so you know a bit more than the average person in the street. Turn that into a few slide decks, make a checklist or two, record yourself talking over the slides, bang out some Facebook ads and whoomp there it is. Right? All aboard the passive income train!

If it sounds too good to be true...

Sadly this messaging is so seductive, lots of very (usually) smart people fall for it. It preys on greed and of course like most things that sound too good to be true... it is too good to be true... for most people. For the small percentage of people that can get this model to work, they do it through less than honourable means. They don’t care about creating quality. The only thing they are experts in, is shady marketing.

If you're an expert in your field, you’ve built that reputation over many years. Your reputation is probably your most valuable asset. So why would you risk it by putting out some dodgy course that tarnishes your brand? Creating high quality credible learning experiences that you can sell to clients takes effort and skill. That’s why most online courses are mediocre at best.

Our purpose

To be frank, we hate this. Because we believe there is an opportunity for a lot of smart people to use this technology to share their expertise for good and to make some money along the way.

We started Course Buzz to help you accelerate your ideas and turn them into high quality online learning products with minimal pain.

We do this by...
  • Focusing uniquely on LearnWorlds as a platform because it offers the best features for creating quality online courses.
  • Because we focus on one platform we can provide crystal clear, step by step guides on how to build your course and website in LearnWorlds
  • We focus on simple, actionable tips and tools on how to turn your ides into learning experiences rather than content dumps.
So if you're more interested in how to create quality learning experiences, than get rich quick schemes, you're in the right place.

Sam Burrough

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Feedback is a gift

We want to help all our clients create outstanding online learning solutions.
"Working with Sam was very easy for me as he was extremely knowledgeable in both learning theory and the technical aspects of the platforms we were using. He’s also really collaborative and enthusiastic which made it easy for the rest of the team to work with him."

Tim R

Project management expert
"Having worked with Sam on both my website and online course I can confidently say he is not only talented but a true professional. He has been transparent with me throughout the entire process."

Jordan Harry

Entrepreneur & Podcaster
"Sam always does whatever he can to ensure the success of a project, and remains calm and professional at all times, giving good advice on how to overcome obstacles in order to deliver on time, on budget and to quality standards. "

Sarah Frame

Learning & Development Consultant
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