Help us improve global animal welfare

Bradycare provides online veterinary surgery training for vets around the world. We enable them to improve their practices and grow their surgical confidence. Together we can address the root causes of animal suffering today and prevent them tomorrow.

The problem

Preventative animal care is the key to improve animal welfare globally. It reduces unnecessary suffering, improves quality of life as well as preventing future suffering.

However, in many parts of the world vets have limited and insufficient knowledge about canine and feline medicine and surgery. This results in suffering, unnecessary pain, overpopulation and even death.
There are five main issues we need to address:

Things are getting worse

The after-effects of the global pandemic mean the situation for animals is more urgent than ever before.
  • Street dog and cat populations have exponentially increased, but their chances of survival have decreased.
  • In many countries people acquired more pets, but now they are returning to work and abandoning their animals
  • The need for veterinary care has increased massively but there are less vets available. Many left the profession or were made redundant.
  • Travel restrictions meant less volunteers available to care for unowned pets
  • Face to face training  has been reduced while the need for care and prevention has never been greater

But there is a solution: 

For the past 15 years Dr Ursula Goetz has witnessed the pain and suffering experienced by animals around the world. She's made it her mission to help veterinary professionals in over 12 countries, so far, to develop their skills and practices so they can confidently provide quality care for the animals they look after.
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But face to face training is not enough to solve a problem of this scale. That's why Ursula created Bradycare. To develop innovative and scalable ways to improve the care of small animals around the world.

Bradycare provides interactive online training for free teaching veterinary professionals the best practices for the most common surgical procedures. It's not a substitute for live training, it provides the foundations for good practice and confident surgery.  

What to expect

Online learning platform

E-learning that raises the bar on knowledge of animal welfare and elevates veterinary surgical standards globally.

Personalised learning experiences

Tailor the learning so you can match the experience to the equipment, drugs and resources you have available.

Interactive practical learning

Find the information you need and practice elements of procedures with innovative no-risk simulations using everyday household objects. 


Who is this for?

Bradycare is the go to platform for any veterinarian during their development as a surgeon and veterinary student and even an experienced veterinarian who has not been exposed to small animal surgery for some time or even the experienced surgeon who is keen on learning some new tips on how to save time, money and blood loss during surgery.


Charities anywhere in the world who have temporary volunteer opportunities can ask volunteers to participate and complete the online learning course before arrival ensuring high quality and consistent work flow.


Many universities struggle to provide their vet students with adequate practical skill setting exercises during training. Skills labs are expensive to run and maintain. Our programme features many “dry exercises” which can be practiced at home.

Training centres

International training centres often have to take a lot of time to elevate the theoretical baseline before being able to allow participants to start the practical training. Completing our online programme will cut this time down drastically.

Refresher training

If you have recently changed jobs or you haven't been involved in surgical procedures for some time. This platform is the perfect refresher to re-build your confidence and knowledge.
Meet the Lead instructor

Dr Ursula Goetz

My 20 years of international teaching experience in more than 30 different countries has allowed me to identify the most pressing needs in veterinary education. Addressing those needs will benefit animal welfare the greatest. The key is to empower the veterinary community.

This online platform tackles global animal welfare challenges, which may vary slightly from country to country, but the commonalities represent a global pattern: The 5 A’s.

Together we can rise to meet the challenge.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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