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What to expect?

This is a one hour online session with our top LearnWorlds expert, Sam Burrough.
Use it however you see fit!

Feedback is a gift

We want to help all our clients create outstanding online learning solutions.
"Working with Sam was very easy for me as he was extremely knowledgeable in both learning theory and the technical aspects of the platforms we were using. He’s also really collaborative and enthusiastic which made it easy for the rest of the team to work with him."

Tim R

Project management expert
"Having worked with Sam on both my website and online course I can confidently say he is not only talented but a true professional. He has been transparent with me throughout the entire process."

Jordan Harry

Entrepreneur & Podcaster
"Sam always does whatever he can to ensure the success of a project, and remains calm and professional at all times, giving good advice on how to overcome obstacles in order to deliver on time, on budget and to quality standards. "

Sarah Frame

Learning & Development Consultant
Meet the coach

Sam Burrough

Sam has been helping people make better e-learning for nearly twenty years. He takes a human-centered approach to designing digital things because at the end of the day understanding people is what makes good design.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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